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Nanoptix Increases Its Operational Performance

Nanoptix has earned a reputation of providing excellent value and customer support, with superior technology at a very competitive price. Increasing sales, with continuous growth predicted to continue for the next few years and extremely high lead times from suppliers, was creating a need for a large amount of storage space for inventory and finished goods.

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Increasing performance

How Kangoroo Playgrounds Increased Production by 33%

Founded in 1993, Kangoroo Playgrounds Ltd. is a world-class manufacturer of playgrounds, recreational equipment, and sports equipment. Through continuous innovation, a dedication to quality products, and a desire for continuous improvement, the company has emerged as a leader in design and safety. Kangoroo has multiple subsidiaries, including Bison Bumpers, Kan-Rink Ice Systems, RedRailed SkateBoard Parks, and Doc Agility Dog Parks. The business needed to find the extra manufacturing capacity necessary immediately.

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