Are you putting added stress on your employees?

By Paul Richard / Unison Workplace Strategies This past March, I was able to attend the very first training session in North America on the new ISO Standard 9001:45003 Occupational Health & Safety Management – Psychological Health & Safety at Work: Managing psychosocial risks. It quickly made me realize that it is not only important

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I’m a foreign worker, and here is why it’s worth integrating me in your team

Foreign workers have a lot to contribute to the workplace. They have a different point of view that encourages companies to look at their way of doing things or how they work in a new way.

It’s true that immigrants require a good amount of support, but as Canadians, you are known for your generosity, so why not welcome a foreigner into the workplace?

Here are five ways you can help a foreign worker successfully integrate into the workplace.

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KISS – Keep It Simple

By Marc Bernier – Unison Workplace Strategies We humans are great at making things complicated, but are we really making them better? We can apply the topic of over-complicating things to many things, solutions, processes, ideas, messages, and many more. To keep things simple, let’s put it in the context of managing your priorities. Here

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4 Key Questions About the 4th Quarter

BY DON HACHÉ, DIRECSYS Fall is in the air, which means we’re approaching the last push in most fiscal calendars. How do you stay mindful of your company’s goals and finish strong in the last dash to the end? Here are some questions to ask your team as you plan the rest of your year:

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S.T.O.P. Be Human

BY MARC-ANDRÉ ALARY, CEO DIRECSYS Here in New Brunswick we seem to have hit the second wave of Covid-19. We all knew it was coming and here we are. At the beginning of the pandemic in early 2020, we saw a lot of articles about the leadership required in these unprecedented times. Here are 3

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White papers

Proactive Management vs. Crisis Management

In the current global context, everyone is talking about the importance of good leadership. Pandemic or not, it is always in times of crisis that true leaders stand out. You’ve most likely already heard the well-known adage: A smooth sea never made a good sailor. There has been a flurry of articles and webinars over

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4 Leadership Strategies in a World of Internet Hacking

Credits: Dr. Zimmerman, The Positive Communicator When Karl Albrecht returned from World War II, he found his mother’s small corner store in Western Germany unscathed from years of air raids. He took it over and expanded it into a chain of Aldi supermarkets, became the richest man in Germany, and made it on to the

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The impact of behavior management

The difficulty of having access to a workforce is a problem which is increasingly present in our economy. Either you are located in an urban area or in a rural setting, you will find it there. Now we can notice restaurants which are closed on Mondays and Tuesdays, due to this hard reality. As a

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Where are your employees on the Mental Health Continuum?

Mental health can be a difficult concept to understand. If you have an employee who is suffering from the flu, or who is in a wheelchair, their illness is visible and typically easy to accommodate. With the flu, there’s sleep and medication. With a wheelchair, it’s accessibility. Mental health issues, however, are challenging to recognize,

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