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Unison helps organizations and people grow. We focus on organizational health, which places people at the centre of an organization’s strategic vision and is the philosophy behind the process we use to help our clients improve their performance.

Organizational health is not a system, but rather an effective method for managing an organization to improve its performance. Using this innovative, four-component philosophy, an organization learns to function efficiently, grow internally, and cope with change with ease.

Help companies advance by fostering their employees’ professional growth in order to maximize their results.

  • Ensure Integrity.
  • Bring value through learning and communication.
  • Be proud and humble.
  • Be proactive and resourceful.
  • Be ambitious.

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Save time by eliminating waste

The Lean Six Sigma wastes, time lost or time invested? How often do you hear people say « I don’t have time for that »? Even when you offer ways to save them time, they claim they don’t have the time. Eliminating Lean Six Sigma waste is a fast, easy une solution d’amélioration effective solution

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family business

Working as an employee in a family business that your dad owns (Part 2)

By Christian Alary / Unison Workplace Strategies A few months ago, I wrote my first blog article on my experience with succession in a family business. Although there have been no major changes since then, I wanted to share my observations and journey with you throughout this experience. I would like to emphasize that it is somewhat uncomfortable to speak about

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Stress on employees

Are you putting added stress on your employees?

By Paul Richard / Unison Workplace Strategies This past March, I was able to attend the very first training session in North America on the new ISO Standard 9001:45003 Occupational Health & Safety Management – Psychological Health & Safety at Work: Managing psychosocial risks. It quickly made me realize that it is not only important

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White papers

Proactive management

Proactive Management vs. Crisis Management

In the current global context, everyone is talking about the importance of good leadership. Pandemic or not, it is always in times of crisis that true leaders stand out. You’ve most likely already heard the well-known adage: A smooth sea never made a good sailor. There has been a flurry of articles and webinars over

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