About Us

Unison focuses on organizational health, which places people at the centre of an organization’s strategic vision.

At Unison, we believe in the following principle: The growth of any organization depends on the growth of its employees.

With more than 20 years of experience, Unison helps organizations, and the people who work there, reach new heights of performance. We emphasize organizational health, a management philosophy that places team members at the centre of an organization’s strategic delivery. Organizational health allows for sustainable improvement; results are strong and well integrated into the business’s future.

Our team of fully bilingual experts is proficient in advanced techniques for optimizing business processes, strategic management, and human behaviour within companies.

Our Values

We deliver on our promises and uphold the highest standards of ethics and professional behaviour. We communicate honestly, openly, and responsibly.

It is crucial for us to continue to learn and communicate our knowledge, because it is how we help build a strong community.

We focus on our clients’ success, not ours. We are proud to help them achieve their goals.

In business, you can’t wait for opportunity to come knocking: You must create your own opportunities. We must take strategic action to create the right opportunities if we are to bring about sustainable change.

We rise to the challenge to bring about societal changes.

Our mission

Help companies advance by fostering their employees’ professional growth in order to maximize their results.

Our team

Marc-André Alary

For more than 20 years, Marc-André has dedicated himself to helping companies and their employees grow. Marc-André is recognized by his clients for his ability to listen effectively and his practical approach to complex situations. He works tirelessly to implement the concept of organizational health in different types of manufacturing environments. Outside of his work, Marc-André is passionate about personal growth, whether through experience or education.

Paul Richard

Project leader
With more than 30 years of experience in the workplace, Paul specializes in process improvement and the implementation of management systems. He adapts to every kind of problem that a company wants to solve. In addition to guiding companies on their journey to better performance, he ensures that changes are maintained by focusing on communication, training, and the implementation of structures and procedures. Due to his diverse experiences with IT systems, he also creates powerful tools that help managers in their decision-making processes.

Marc Bernier

Project leader
A project leader at Unison since 2014, Marc specializes in training and process improvement. In his role as a trainer, whether with a group of managers or production floor employees, in a manufacturing or administrative context, he adapts to technical topics as needed, including Lean Six Sigma or interpersonal topics such as talent management or change management. In his process improvement approach, he always seeks to push the boundaries and challenge you to think critically. He then takes that information to design practical and innovative solutions to mobilize your entire team.

Christian Alary

Project leader
Christian first gained experience in a manufacturing plant where he delved into multiple aspects of business, including, but not limited to, human resources management, inventory management, finance, process improvement, and strategic planning. After his stint in manufacturing, Christian joined the team in January 2021 and is dedicated to helping small and medium-sized businesses—at the heart of any community—improve.

Teresa Guerrero

Marketing coordinator
Teresa began her career at Unison in 2020. Her primary role is to keep clients informed about Unison’s services and news. She has a genuine interest in communicating to our followers on social media and through email communications to help them overcome their business challenges. For Teresa, marketing offers an opportunity to constantly inject positivity into people’s daily lives, a topic that she feels strongly about.