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Leadership DNA


Using our proven coaching methods, supported by our certifications and tools, we guide and support you throughout your growth path as a leader with our Leadership DNA program.

Today’s leadership has many facets: it is the ability to command your presence in a room, take a leadership role with diverse audiences, communicate your thinking and opinion with confidence, and strike a balance between speaking and listening to have a communication style that is both persuasive and impactful.

How do we do it?

Monthly round table sessions animated by three excellent coaches who will guide you through your leadership style improvement process.

Benefits of our LEADERSHIP DNA round tables

  • Helps to learn from the successes and failures of others
  • Can act like a consultation committee for ideas
  • Gives access to resources
  • Offers a personalized support
  • Holds you responsible
  • Helps with blind spots
  • Can teach you how to evolve.

The Leadership DNA modules

  • Candidate evaluation
  • Basics of today’s leadership
  • Today’s Leadership
  • Becoming an influencial person
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Personal resilience
  • The power of coaching and questions
  • A leader’s communication toolbox
  • Team Leadership
  • Developping leaders internally
  • The key to infinite potential
  • Empowerment: initiative & achievement

Videos (Currently in french only)

Our Coaches

Pierre Battah

Pierre Battah

The importance of mobilizing teams through leadership style. The goal of team managers is to mobilize their workforce and this goal is achieved through confident and strong leadership that creates a workplace culture where people can do the best possible job. Pierre directly challenges accepted and traditional ways of thinking to guide people beyond inspiration to true growth. The workplace mobilized: to strengthen leadership, confidence and capacity.

Rachel Daigle

Rachelle Daigle

Rachel is a Leadership trainer, certified by none other than John Maxwell, and is a member of its teaching faculty for the international “francophonie”. A great believer in the power of awareness, transformation, empowerment and empowerment, her contribution will be on the development of the leader as a coach for his/her team.

Tammy Carroll

Tammy Carroll

Emotional intelligence is very important for a today’s leaders. Using the Emotional Intelligence Survey, Tammy guides participants to better understand themselves emotionally and works on aspects important to leadership.