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Very often, the best floor employees are promoted to a role that requires management/leadership skills.  However, most companies do not take the time to give them the training required?  That is where the Foreman Academy comes in!

The workplace has changed, the needs of employees have changed, employers need to adapt.

For managers, it’s not only attracting the right people but how to retain them once they accepted to join the team.

What is the single most important factor that will have a direct impact on the retention of employees?  The EXPERIENCE they will have day in and day out.

Who had a major role in providing that good experience?  Leaders at every level.

This program has been designed to equip and guide supervisors/managers in perfecting the key role they have in creating that good experience.  In other words, providing that WOW feeling to employees.

How do we do it?

A three-step approach

  1. Analysing current management tools and skills:  We examine the work environments in order to understand their current management tools.
  2. Group Training: The goal of group training is to expose supervisors to a management concept composed of the following three elements: Operations management, Human Resources Management & Productivity improvement management
  3. One-on-one coaching: Individual coaching ensures that supervisors will be able to apply the management tools and concepts in their everyday work.


  • Improved trust between employees and supervisors
  • Improved productivity
  • Improved quality
  • Improved employee morale and retention


Phase 1

Management Essentials

Teaches the mindset, core conversations, and communications skills needed to step into the role equipped for success so their direct reports are engaged and productive from the start.

Phase 2

Team Leadership

Many teams often fail to accomplish their goals due to ineffective leadership.  Our program teaches team leaders how to provide trust in order to successfully grow, breakthrough barriers, and sustain high-performance teams.

Building Trust

Trust is at the hart of every relationship, and it’s especially critical in the workplace.  Our program teaches employees at all levels how to build trust to increase engagement, creativity, and commitments to the organization.

Phase 3

Self Leadership

Performance in organizations is often stalled because employees don’t know how to ask for what they need when they need it. This phase of the program teaches individuals the mindset and skill-set to proactively take the reins, achieve their goals and accelerate their development.

Are you a foreman looking to become a better leader?

Or an employer looking for his business to reach the next level?

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