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Whether an entrepreneur is ready to retire or is thinking about doing so in a few years, business succession should be a priority and should be well planned and elaborate.

Maximizing the value of your business today gives you control over your future. You could sell your business for a premium or simply continue to grow knowing that you are creating increased value that is an asset for the future.

Most business owners create their company because they want more freedom to work according to their own schedule, earn the amount of money they want, and eventually retire thanks to the fruits of their labour.

Unfortunately, according to some studies, most entrepreneurs find it extremely difficult to leave their role, because their business relies heavily on their personal investment. Without them, no matter the company’s size or profitability, it is essentially worth nothing.

But there is good news: These entrepreneurs can take specific steps, regardless of where they are in the business development process, to create an attractive company for succession. We show you what it takes to improve your score on the eight key factors to be mastered to improve your business, and to make it attractive and prosperous for a long time to come.

How do we do it ?

We rely on a system leveraging a number of tools that help a business owner not only know the current value of their business, or know how it scores, but also influence its attractiveness as they step away from it and pass the torch. This tells you exactly what you need to focus on to increase the value of your business while ensuring that it remains attractive to the buyer, all while ensuring its long-term prosperity.

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