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Operational Performance

We work with your team to align divisions within the organization in order to achieve a common goal. To do so, we ensure that the execution of the corporate strategy is supported by a management system and a culture of operational discipline.

How do we do it?

Continuous Improvement and Lean Six Sigma
We analyze your company's production level and evaluate its performance based on costs, delays, product quality, and employee health and safety. This analysis gives you a clear vision of the improvements that need to be made to solve problematic situations involving products, logistics, or administration. We then work with your team to help them learn how to use specific tools and implement solutions for the different problems identified.

Management System (ISO, BRC and Custom Management System)
Management systems allow organizations to carry out their activities in an efficient and structured manner through the implementation of proven methods.


This skills development program is built around the principles of planning, organization, leadership, coaching, and control. It can be adapted for each participant depending on their position.

This training gives team leaders the tools they need to identify the sources of waste in production processes. As a group, they learn how to reduce losses to maximize output. Under Unison’s mentoring, they leverage management tools to implement continuous improvement principles in a sustainable manner.

These are practical simulations in which participants gain first-hand experience with the concepts of value-added production through a given scenario. This approach helps participants intuitively understand the benefits of improving value-added productivity by getting a comprehensive overview of processes and principles.

Performing internal audits of your quality management system or continuous improvement system may not only be a requirement of the recognized standard under which your system is certified, but it is also necessary to ensure that your system is sustainable, efficient, and is continuously improving.

We provide Lean Six Sigma White Belt, Lean Six Sigma Green Belt, and Lean Six Sigma Black Belt training to foster a culture of continuous improvement.

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