How do you get a sustainable ROI on technical training like Lean Six Sigma?

sustainable ROI

Did you know that our ability to retain information from a training program is limited? According to Edgar Dale’s learning pyramid, we only remember 10% of what we read and about 50% of what we hear and see.

Let’s put that in perspective of a Lean Six Sigma course. We made an informal survey of the tools that would typically be studied in a Black Belt certification training. Depending of the program, it varies from 40 to 60 different tools, and this is for the DMAIC methodology by itself. I’m excluding tools in DFSS (Design for Six Sigma) or the D4 model (Define, Discover, Develop, Demonstrate). If you want to include those two methodologies; you can add at least 10 more tools.

Here another interesting fact. Since 2004, we’ve been using the DMAIC methodology with our clients to improve the quality and efficiency of their processes. How many tools do you think we use in a typical Lean Six Sigma project? On average, 9. And on top of that, we often only use the same few tools repeatedly.

So how can we keep a working knowledge of all the remaining tools seen in our training?

Listen, we face the same challenge, I received my black belt certification in 2004 and my Master Black Belt in 2018 and guess what? Some tools that I have studied in 2004, have yet to be used. Why? The opportunity never came up.

Should we do something about this? Because you know that one day, a specific tool will be needed, and you’ll be stuck. Keep in mind that you are accountable toward your employer to provide a sustainable ROI on the investment they have made in your training.

Why wait to face that dilemma and feel embarrassed?

Now let’s go back to the statistic mentioned at the beginning of this blog. I also learned that our capacity to retain information will rise to 90% if we “Do the real thing”.

So… can we do something?

There is an option to help you to maintain that knowledge. Get involved in a mastermind group. Here some of the benefits:

  1. Once you are involved in a mastermind, that feeling of “being alone” while doing a project is gone. The other members of the group turn into advisors and vice versa.
  2. Everyone in the mastermind has unique in skills, experiences and connections. By interacting and sharing your challenges, it’s almost certain that someone in your group will have a solution for you and you may also be able to offer a solution, connection or tactic to help another.
  3. Joining a mastermind expands your network exponentially and quickly. In business, you know how important that is. By joining a mastermind, you instantly add to your network and typically gain the networks of those in the group with you.
  4. Being in a mastermind will truly make you a Master Mind! You can’t help but think bigger and stretch beyond your boundaries when surrounded by amazing people doing amazing things.

We’re excited to offer you this concept.