S.T.O.P. Be Human

BY MARC-ANDRÉ ALARY, CEO DIRECSYS Here in New Brunswick we seem to have hit the second wave of Covid-19. We all knew it was coming and here we are. At the beginning of the pandemic in early 2020, we saw a lot of articles about the leadership required in these unprecedented times. Here are 3

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Great Company Culture

10 Elements of Great Company Culture

Stick to this list and your employees will be committed to their jobs, as well as your company. Building a company culture of engaged employees takes years and requires consistent execution. The author boils down your culture strategy into 10 essential components called the “10 Cs of Culture.” 1. Core Values You need to be

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VUCA Unispon

What the VUCA!

VUCA is used to help leaders and organizations understand the world in which their business operates. The term VUCA is an acronym frequently used these days:Volatile Volatile Uncertain Complex Ambiguous The term VUCA was originated by the American military to describe extreme conditions during warfare. VUCA has more recently been adopted by an increasing number

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Please, stop doing this!

Hello! I just finished reading a book with an interesting title, I would even say, a provocative title. To the point that at first, I didn’t want to read it; it felt like a blow to my ego. Why do so many incompetent men become leaders? My goal in this blog is to suggest ideas

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From Surviving to Thriving and Reimagining the Return

Rapidly recover revenue. Speed matters: it will not be enough for companies to recover revenues gradually as the crisis abates. They will need to fundamentally rethink their revenue profile, to position themselves for the long term and to get ahead of the competition. To do this, companies must SHAPE up. Start-up mindset.  This favors action

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I am an entrepreneur yes, but first a human being

Pandemic or not, as I mentioned in a recent webinar, this is not the first crisis the entrepreneurial world has gone through and it will not be the last. During this webinar, one of the participants shared that he finds the present crisis (COVID-19) very stressful and he wondered what an entrepreneur, man or woman,

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