Does it have to be lonely at the top?

I’m sure you’ve heard that concept before, business round table (BRT). Hey! you were probably invited to join in at one point in time in your career.

Did you accept the invitation because you felt dubious in declining it? So, what’s this concept, is it worth your time, energy and resources?

First, let’s talk about the concept. Which is a great one by the way.

A group of business leaders who meet regularly, offsite of their typical work environment. They discuss issues and get practical advice from peer individuals that should help them to make better decisions. There is also a learning aspect to the activity.

You’ve probably said or heard the following statement at least once in your lifetime;

It’s lonely at the top

But the question is, do you have a choice? If you don’t want it to be lonely, it doesn’t have to be. Imagine yourself in your leadership position, facing issues at work and you could pick up the phone, call a member of your peer group and ask their opinions. If the chemistry is right, you’ll get non-biased feedback from someone who understands what you are going through. Would that be great? Now, you can say that you’re not alone at the top. This is one way you must see the concept of peer groups or business round tables.

Do you feel that people hear you, but do they really understand you, in your challenges? Would you agree that there is a better chance to be understood by people who can relate to your situation because they lived it? They are emotionally connected to your reality.

Let me ask you a question. Why you should entertain the possibility of joining such a group? Because it is one way to grow yourself as an individual, therefore combating the dark reality that you’re the main constraint to the growth of your business / department.

But first please, don’t get involved with the perspective of what you’ll suck out of the group. Look at it the other way. What can you bring to the group? Give first, with no expectations of receiving anything in return and you’ll get more. This is the simple law of reciprocity.

The benefits for you to go in with this mentality are astonishing. Why? Because it will force you to prepare yourself for the meeting. Maybe search ideas to present them to your peers, practice to ask questions to have a better understanding. All very good things for you and it will help you to improve your leadership skills.

Now, are you concerned about the confidentiality of what is being discussed at the table? Then don’t be. A confidentiality agreement (written or not) should be discussed from the start and is most of the time followed religiously by all participants.

So, what will it take for your group to be successful?

  1. Be organized
  2. Brutally honest.
  3. Brutally open minded
  4. Respectful
  5. Engaged

I wish success to you and your group.