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At Unison, we believe in the following principle: The growth of any organization depends on the growth of its employees.
With more than 20 years of experience, Unison helps organizations, and the people who work there, reach new heights of performance. We emphasize organizational health, a management philosophy that places team members at the centre of an organization’s strategic delivery. Organizational health allows for sustainable improvement; results are strong and well integrated into the business’ future.

operational performance

Nanoptix Increases Its Operational Performance

Nanoptix has earned a reputation of providing excellent value and customer support, with superior technology at a very competitive price. Increasing sales, with continuous growth predicted to continue for the next few years and extremely high lead times from suppliers, was creating a need for a large amount of storage space for inventory and finished goods.

Increasing performance

How Kangoroo Playgrounds Increased Production by 33%

Founded in 1993, Kangoroo Playgrounds Ltd. is a world-class manufacturer of playgrounds, recreational equipment, and sports equipment. Through continuous innovation, a dedication to quality products, and a desire for continuous improvement, the company has emerged as a leader in design and safety. Kangoroo has multiple subsidiaries, including Bison Bumpers, Kan-Rink Ice Systems, RedRailed SkateBoard Parks, and Doc Agility Dog Parks. The business needed to find the extra manufacturing capacity necessary immediately.

Foreign worker

I’m a foreign worker, and here is why it’s worth integrating me in your team

Foreign workers have a lot to contribute to the workplace. They have a different point of view that encourages companies to look at their way of doing things or how they work in a new way.

It’s true that immigrants require a good amount of support, but as Canadians, you are known for your generosity, so why not welcome a foreigner into the workplace?

Here are five ways you can help a foreign worker successfully integrate into the workplace.