Leadership Strategies

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Peer coaching and employee engagement; Is there a direct correlation between the two?

Sustainability of proper behaviours, change and employee engagement in today’s workplace is a continuous challenge. Organizations are spending billions of dollars in training, continuous improvement initiatives, trying to motivate their employees with a return on their investment that is not even worth mentioning here. It’s almost a shame. Now, does it mean there is nothing we can do about it? No, there is.

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When Karl Albrecht returned from World War II, he found his mother’s small corner store in Western Germany unscathed from years of air raids. He took it over and expanded it into a chain of Aldi supermarkets, became the richest man in Germany, and made it on to the Forbes’ list of billionaires.

So obviously, he knew something about leadership … even in a time when digital hacking is bringing down leaders around the world.